Somdej Bang Koon Poom - Mass Chanted, Wat Bangkoonpoom, BE 2495

Presented here, a nice and sacred 3 Tiers Somdej Bang Koon Poom with Ears.

A lot of visible fragments from Old Wat Rahkang Somdejs on this Somdej amulet.

In BE 2495, there was a great consecration and blessing ceremony held at Wat InDraRaViharn, which aka Wat Bangkoonpoom nowadays.

The ceremony was sponsored by General Pao, a famous highly ranked Police Officer in Thailand.

Thus, this batch of Somdej amulet is aka Somdej Pao.

Here is the some detailed info about Somdej Pao:

The Somdej Pao was mixed with significant amount of Somdej Toh's old holy powder and ground fragments of old-version Somdej Wat Ra Kang and Somdej Wat Bang Koon Poom.

Somdej Pao can be used as a substitution to the multi-million Baht old-version of Somdej Toh with an economy price.

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