Somdej Jet Chan Phim Keschaiyo - Wat Pho Kriab
Made in BE 2484, Kru Opened in BE 2490

สมเด็จ 7 ชั้น กรุ วัดโพธิ์เกรียบ ปี 2490

Presented here, a very rare sacred 7-tiered Somdej Jet Chan Phim Keschaiyo by Wat Pho Kriab.

Wat Pho Kriab is located in Anthong Province, the same province with Wat Keschaiyo.

Phim Keschaiyo, which is the same phim with the famous Somdej Keschaiyo by Wat Keschaiyo,

This Somdej was mixed with significant amount of old powders and amulet fragments of Somdej Keschaiyo which made by Somdej Toh.

This batch of Somdej was made in BE 2484 and then kept in Chedi Kru.

Chedi Kru was opened in BE 2490 and this batch of Somdej was then make available to public.

This sacred piece of Somdej is very rare in the market. Highly collectible.

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