Sian Lek, Small Head, Pink Color Meat - LP Tim, Wat Lahanrai Rayong, BE 2518
พระผงพรายกุมาร(เศียรเล็ก) หลวงปู่ทิม วัดละหารไร่

A high-end and sacred piece of amulet, presented in LP Tim image on the famous Prai Guman Powder.

A highly sought, highly efficacious by a very famous guru in present era.

Pink Color Meat. Made and chanted by LP Tim aka Golden Mouth Monk.

Very limited.

About 1000 pieces have been for normal white color block but, whether how many has been made for Pink color block still remained mysterious and unknown these days.

Presented the famous Yant Har at the back of the amulet.

An awesome piece of a very limited piece of amulet.

A high-end amulet for LP Tim's amulet collection series.


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