Pidta Kanokan - LP Toh, Wat Pradoochimpee, BE 2522

A very well-known Pidta amulet - Pidta Kanokan by LP Toh of Wat Pradoochimpee.

Kanokan means Flames of Fire.

LP Toh made and blessed this Pidta in BE 2522.

Made with Bailan, a sacred leaf of Thai plant that monks use it to write mantras and scripts on it.

A takrut had been inserted beneath the Pidta.

At the back of the amulet presented the holy Yant scipts by LP Toh.

LP Toh, one of the Thai most famous monk, is considered as King of Phra Pidta.

The 9th King of Thailand, the present King of Thailand and the Royal Family of Thailand respected LP Toh very much.

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