Phra Somdej - LP Hin, Wat Rahkang, First Batch, BE 2482

This rare sacred and First Batch of Somdej by LP Hin, BE 2482, was mixed with very high percentage of Somdej Toh's old holy powder and ground fragments of old-version Somdej Wat Rahkang.

This Phra Somdej can be used as a substitution to the multi-million Baht old-version of Somdej Toh with an economy price.

LP Hin was born in Cambodia. After Buddhist Lent, LP Hin traveled to study Cambodian Buddhist Spiritual Studies under the guidance of various masters. The most fundamental lesson LP Hin had received in such studies was the use of the Yant Trinisinghe. This is a numeric Yant which is extremely popular even to this present day due to its efficacy and versatility under all circumstances.

In 1922, LP Hin lead a group of 37 monks for an ascetic pilgrimage by foot all the way from Cambodia into Thailand.

LP Hin was a senior Guru monk of Wat Rahkang.

Even LP Hin was around 10 years junior to LP Naak, the Abbot of Wat Rahkang, but he was highly accepted and respected by LP Naak for incantation knowledge. Almost all LP Naak's holy powder for making Somdej amulets were prepared and blessed by LP Hin.

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