Khun Pean Mongkol Jakkawan - LP Glun & AC KunPang, Wat KowOor, BE 2545

Highly sought, efficacious and famous Khun Pean in recent years.

One of the most famous amulets by LP Glun.

Only 2988 pieces were consecrated.

Made with Holy Powder, Constituents, with Three Takruts.

On the back present Paya Rahoo on the top and Phra Pidta image in “Meditation” with 12 Zodiacal sign. All of holy image is known as powerful things that could bring luck and securing good fortune in business.

This Super power Khun Pean amulet has been blessed properly by many holy monks by 3 ceremonies.

The first ceremony blessed properly on 23 December 2001 at Wat Kow Oor.

The consecration process for this Buddha amulet is very different from other  Khun Pean amulets because this  Khun Pean amulet has been blessed properly by LP Glun, Arjarn KunPan, Arjarn ChunTip, Arjarn PraChuap and 8 Buddhist Guru Monks.

Monks have been chanted and blessed together until the Sun becomes circled and formed a Halo. This phenomenon remained until monks finished the ceremony.

The second ceremony on 9 May 2002 at Wat Phra MahaThatWorawihan, Nakhornseethammaraj province, by many Buddhist Guru Monks in South of Thailand.

The third ceremony has been blessed properly in ChudTun cave of Wat Kow Oor by many Guru Monks of this temple on May 2002.


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