Khun Pean SombonSaapya Special Phim - LP Churn, Wat Yannasan, BE 2544

Being considered as Today's Top Khun Pean by many well-known Amulet Collectors and Amulet Magazine Editors.

By LP Churn of Wat Yannasan, BE 2544.

LP Churn used RatTaNaJuk Visha to bless this amulet. And also, LP Churn made this Khun Paen by mixing the ground broken Ayuthaya's antique Khun Paen Kru Wat Yaicaimonkol. Thus, this Khun Pean is very powerful!

Made with many holy sacred materials including broken fragments of famous batches old amulets, including Khun Paen Kru Wat Yaicaimonkol, Phra Konesmoh, Phra Kru Wat Ratchaburana, and Phra Muang Kampaenpetch.

The very limited edition of the first batch's limited edition.

Only 6000 pieces for the first batch.

Special Phim - Only a few hundreds of these pieces come with the signature of AC Sanit at the back of the amulet. Mainly for High Rank Military Officers and temple's Kammakan.


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